Save Water, Save Energy




Fast Drying


My name is Lizzie Bentley.

I am a breast cancer survivor and I’m genuinely committed and passionate about making a contribution to our environment.

I wanted to create a product where women not only used a specific towel for their hair in all hotels, accommodation houses and cruise ships, but also significantly reduce water usage and electricity in these places.

From the start I was determined to develop and manufacture a unique towel thus Hotel Hair Towel came to life.

My towel is extremely absorbent yet is incredibly light weight and dries in less than half the time than traditional towels, which reduces water and energy costs. Its rare weave eliminates pulled threads, won’t leave lint or fluff and doesn’t shrink. The design gives it a luxurious look and feel and provides longevity.

Thousands of women can now have the opportunity to use a specific hotel hair towel to help dry their hair, instead of using bath towels or bath sheets which can be very heavy and uncomfortable.

As business has grown, this towel has shown to have enormous multiple uses because of it’s high absorbency such as the gym, swimming, golf, cricket etc. It has also been a remarkable asset in day spas and cosmetic clinics for treatment beds so Hotel Spa Towel and Hotel Sports Towel evolved.

Now more than ever, we should all endeavour to do what we can individually and collectively in business, to save our precious resources. A recent study published, recorded the Australian drought may be the worst in 800 years.

I’m immensely proud what I set out to achieve, creating a unique luxury towel that has multiple uses and at the same time, helping our planet.

Warm regards

Lizzie Bentley